Canyovnville, OR | Founded in 1924


Canyonville Christian Academy has been honored twice by the ACSI in their Exemplary Schools program. CCA is fully accredited with the NAAS and offers AP and college prep courses. The small class sizes and having most of the faculty and staff living on the academies campus offers students every opportunity to learn and excel. As a boarding school with a international student body, CCA offers a full complement of ESL courses to assist those who may need additional English instruction.

The school also offers fine arts and general electives such as Choir, Commercial art/graphic design, and yearbook. CCA also had a cutting edge pre-professional program in internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) as well as other computer based courses to help students learn skills for the 21st



Canyonville Christian Academy is located in the historic town of Canyonville Oregon, not far from the California boarder and Grants Pass. The Academy is within walking distance of the local post office, banks and restaurants. Their are beautiful massive Redwood trees all over the campus and a beautiful cool creek runs right through the middle of the academy.