Anaheim, California | Founded in 1993


In addition to its core curriculum that meets UC standards, Fairmont also offers the International Baccalaureate Program and Medical and Engineering Magnets to all their high school students. Students have the opportunity to take advantage of their highly qualified and dedicated teachers to learn and excel but there is also a program in place to help students in remediation and also students that are advancing beyond their regular curriculum. The ASSIST teachers are there to work with the classroom teachers to help challenge students and give those the personalized attention that they need. The students are provided the opportunity to participate in a variety of academic competitions such as Word Masters, Math Olympics,regional and national debate tournaments as well as a variety of art, music and science competitions.



The Fairmont Preparatory Academy is for students 9th to 12th grade and the Fairmont International Campus is happy to welcome students from around the world grades 7-11. The suburban campuses are located in safe and convenient areas. These campuses are all in famous Orange County in beautiful sunny southern California, home to fantastic beaches and just a short drive away from Disneyland Park.