Granby, Massachusetts | Founded in 1890


The MacDuffie School is a rigorous college preparatory School whose mission is to “foster in all students the intellectual habits of mind, high ethical standards, and respect for diversity required for becoming effective individuals in their personal and work lives and moral and responsible participants in the world beyond.” These ideals, reflected in the courses that we describe in this Curriculum Guide, help our students to become lifelong learners and respectful, moral, and global citizens of the world. Our mission statement also expresses in a few words what we want our students to achieve during their time at MacDuffie. The Curriculum Guide describes in some detail how we expect to make our mission concrete and tangible. The department philosophies and sequences of courses describe a rich array of readings, topics and approaches that are the very heart of our intensive learning process.

They encourage students to go beyond the minimum requirements for graduation – indeed, nearly all students do. Such explorations help our students expand the skills they need to analyze problems logically and creatively, to develop appropriate problem-solving strategies, and to apply those strategies confidently and effectively. .– whether in academics, the arts or athletics. The School’s integrated and interdisciplinary approach to learning helps students to comprehend the broad connections among subjects, at the same time they are learning discrete information in each academic discipline.



MacDuffie High School is located in Granby, Massachusetts.Town of Granby, Massachusetts was incorporated in 1768, Granby is an agricultural and residential community of 6,200 people. Working farms, open spaces, and a traditional New England town center preserve the rural character of our small town. Granby is conveniently located minutes away from the commercial and cultural offerings of the lower Pioneer Valley.