Edmonds, Washington | Founded in 1994


Every student at SCS is given an individualized academic plan and college advising to help guide them in their path towards their academic future. There are a number of organized activities and student clubs including: Art Appreciation, Basketball, Bowling, Drama, Film, Key (Community Service), Praise, Ski/Snowboard, Soccer and more.



Solomon Christian School is located in Edmonds, about 15 miles north of Seattle. There is easy access Metro system giving students the opportunity to explore various parts of the greater Seattle area. Edmonds is directly across from the Olympic Mountains offering scenic views with mountain landscapes, beaches and plenty of forested parks and trails to traverse. Edmonds is a very safe and friendly community with a thriving and eclectic art community. There are also several movie theaters in the surrounding cities for students to catch up on the latest Hollywood blockbusters and American independent art films. There is even an amusement park near the campus featuring such things as go-karts, laser tag and rock climbing.