Saco, ME | Founded in 1811


Thornton Academy equips each classroom with smart-boards where teachers can integrate technology and use information from the internet to help enhance their students education. The Academy offers over 24 courses in 8 disciplines including, 8 foreign language courses, 16 AP courses and core courses including English, math, fine arts and wellness to name just a few.Thornton graduates matriculate to many top American colleges and universities. The many diverse opportunities offered by the Academy create students who are lifelong learners, and instill a passion for dynamic and critical thinking. The outstanding faculty, over half with advanced degrees, strive to About give students the personal attention they need to succeed



Thornton Academy expansive campus rests on 80 acres of land in the small town of Saco, a beautiful area on the southern coast of Maine. Students have access to many outdoor activities including walking trails at Saco Heath, boating, windsurfing, surfing and fishing at the nearby beaches.Thornton Academy is close to Portland which is the largest city in Maine as well as being about 90 minutes away from Boston, Massachusetts.